Manage Blockchain
Manage your Network
Once all the process is complete, you will see the blockchain will change to running state and the color code turns to green.
For Health check, click on more and select the Health check option to monitor the health of the node.
Open the “View & Manage” Dialog from a particular blockchain tab. It takes you to that particular blockchain console where you can view and manage various blockchain components.
  • Genesis File: The genesis block is the start of the blockchain, and the genesis.json is the file that defines it. It is like the “settings” for your blockchain. For example, the chain configuration, level of difficulty to mine blocks, etc. Download it to check the unique chain configuration and view list of user accounts. It’s a read only operation.
  • Blockchain Explorer: The blockchain explorer showcases the blockchain network statistics and helps the blockchain participants track the transactions done on the blockchain.
  • Create Node : Create a new node for the blockchain. The node is owned by the organisation which initiates its creation.
    • Provide your new node, a suitable name and description on the purpose of the node.
    • Select the Geo and the Region where you want to host the blockchain node.
    • Wait for the status of this new node to change to Running
  • Invite Organisation: Create an invitation for the blockchain network.
Inviting a new organisation to be part of existing blockchain network is an important part in decentralisation. There are two scenarios how an organisation can be invited to be part of the blockchain network :
    • New organisation is registered on Stezy :
      • Specify the organisationId (Where to find organisationId) of the organisation you want to invite.
      • Specify the details of the node invited organisation will own.
      • Send an inviite
    • New organisation not registered on Stezy.
      • New organisation need to be invited through email.
      • Once they register on Stezy platform, follow the instructions mentioned in previous scenario
  • Manage Nodes
The organisation can view and manage the blockchain nodes owned by it and have the read only access to other blockchain nodes owned by other organisations.
    • Connect to your Node
    • Cancel Node Subscription
Managing Hyperledger blockchain
From the Dashboard we can create Additional peers, channels and orders
We can add peer to the channel
Invite other organization
Send the existing peer to other member channel
Peer dashboard were you can find all information about the peers with RPC connection
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